Thursday, June 7, 2012

Art through the Mails

I have always been fascinated by how many professional actors and storytellers also do some form of  visual art either professionally or in their free time.  For me, since so much of my working time involves words, getting away from those words and working with my hands to create something visual feels invigorating, and often opens little secret doors in my brain.     

So recently, when I heard that an artist I don't know and have never met was arranging a postcard swap for anyone interested, I was on it.

All we had to do was sign up.  She cut and pasted all of our names so that she could send each of us ten names.  We agreed to send a postcard to each person on our list.  And each of us will receive ten postcards from ten different people. 

I drew names from Florida, California, Canada, Germany and Australia!  Oh my!  What a tantalizing way to make the world smaller and
have an excuse to do a little art at the same time.

I opted to repurpose some hideous
postcards I've had for decades by doing multimedia collages on top of the original pictures.

I put my ten finished postcards in the mail yesterday.  The photos on this post are a few of the cards I sent.  

I can't wait to mail-meet ten new artists.  I already feel as though I "know" Shannon Ganshorn, the woman who organized this swap.  You might enjoy checking out her website.
She's posted some of the postcards she's sending, and they're gorgeous! 

 My postman is going to be amazed to see real, personal letters and postcards among my bills and adverts. I will be positively delirious.