Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Golden Ram-Sam

He's done!
My Golden Ram! 
At last!

But why did it take so many months that I'm not even willing to guess how much time has passed since I started building this creatureAnd what will I do with him now?  More time will tell, maybe! 

Some years ago, I decided it would be fruitful and interesting to work on the story of Psyche.  At first glance it's a romance, but deeper down it's a female hero's journey.

I was in the midst of a mask-making furor, so I thought I'd make some masks of characters in the story.  Maybe I'd use them in a performance, maybe they'd be just for me. 

In the myth Psyche has to prove herself through a number of impossible labors.   One of her tasks is to fetch fleece from the golden ram--a creature who is beyond fierce.

So ... my task:  create the ram.
I started by making a clay mold so I could use it to form a sturdy papier mache face and head.  For horns, I made frames of aluminum foil and wrapped them in muslin soaked in wallpaper paste, and painted the results.

His ears are natural leather.  His eyes?  Well, I'm not telling (you'll recognize them, I'm sure).  His fur?  Golden Fleece, of course.

About the fierceness.  All right, already.  I know I know I know.  I can't help that he won't scare anyone.  He's been tamed, see?  Psyche did it when I wasn't looking.  Not my fault.

Now there's one more half-done mask remaining on my table:  Cerberus, the three-headed (fierce) dog that guards the gates of Hades.  You don't even want to know how not fierce he's turning out.   For those who need to know:  tune in here later.  Much later.