Tuesday, April 3, 2012

No Tricks. Just Magic: CD Review

 No Trix Just Magic

No Tricks.  Just Magic.
A collection of fairy tales as told by Megan Hicks

Available from www.CDBaby.com
$15.00 per CD; MP3 Download $9.99
There was a magical moment at The National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee,  this past year.  When Megan Hicks wrapped up the story of Davy and the Devil, the tent’s entire audience rose to their feet, roaring with satisfaction.  Megan and the stories she told had taken them to the land of magic and brought them home fulfilled.
If you didn’t have a chance to hear these stories in person, or if you’re wishing you could experience the magic again, not to worry, you can hear the stories as often as you like on her CD, No Tricks. Just Magic.  A collection of fairy tales as told by Megan Hicks.

Megan’s vocal style is graceful and smooth.  She tells the stories in a straightforward narrative style that gathers the listener straight into the each story and keeps them immersed through to the end.   No tricks, just the magic of these carefully chosen stories.
The devil in Davy and the Devil is endearingly boisterous.  We pull for Davy, though, and can’t wait to hear how he will pull off outwitting the devil.  The same with Molly Whuppie.  We know she’ll outwit the giant but we love the excitement of the journey and her cleverness.
At the beginning of the CD Megan shares the story that brought her to storytelling, The Shoemaker and the Elf, and at the end of the CD she gives us her own fractured version of the same story, The Shoemaker and the Groundhogs.  If you’re not familiar with fractured fairy tales, this is a mini-primer.  It’s the story updated, with Megan’s signature groundhogs as protagonists, full of clever wordplay and jazzed up with a twist ending.
The old soldier in Twelve Dancing Princesses wonders if it’s his imagination that he’s been to a magical kingdom, but he finds he has in fact truly experienced magic. 
As listeners and temporary residents of Megan’s fairytale world, we find these stories and this CD both magical and as true as life itself.

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